Monday, 2 January 2017

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Simon Mordue said...

You are hard to reach. I'm from England, Northumberland. Moved to New York to follow my writing/filmmaking dreams. I've come close on many occasions and actually went into production. Lately I've felt deflated and like I'm wasting my time. Depressed, you know the deal. Your work and the belief that I can still find someone who gets me, keeps my head above water. I don't know if you can offer me guidance, or simply just take the time to look at my work. I feel drawn to come back home. But I'm not sure if it's the right move. Whether I should hang on here in New York and keep pushing, or head home and connect to fellow filmmakers I admire who are making movie's I love, in the hope that I can at least work on, or be part of their productions. I love film, it's a calling. There's something about England that has an earthy old world mythology to it that does not exist anywhere else. It feeds into our very fabric of being. Like the fecund in New Orleans. I ran from myself to come to New York and when I got here, I just discovered myself on Cocaine. I was running from my disease. Once I slayed that beast, I started to figure out who I was. I returned home to England over Christmas and the New Year and rediscovered it and myself. Your films have given me hope that I can return and pursue my passion back in England. I would really appreciate it if you would consider taking a look at my work. I also made a trailer for a script I wrote, in the hope I could use it to raise a small budget - - I would love to connect with you, Peace - Simon